uPVC Doors and Windows

We are manufacturers of uPVC Door & Windows and provide complete installation services as per customized requirement for project of any size. We have in house design team of architects and interior designers to provide best solution for villas, bungalows and apartments.

Zenster born out of perseverance and dedication of 25 year by ELAN Hi-Tech Group is a brand of U-PVC windows and doors. Zenster is a brand that meets the highest international standards pertaining to quality and productivity and has an inherent capability to be a market leader in the foreseeable future with regards to U-PVC window and door industry. Our Group is a technological leader in the market offering a wide range of differ-ent products that suits every geographical situation and individual market necessities.

We follow the principle of Six Sigma to optimize all the departments involved in infrastructure. The Products manufactured undergo rigorous physical and mechanical inspections to meet out the best standards in the industry; We aim at absolute customer satisfaction, optimum product quality assurance and prompt services.

Our in house designs to finishing process make our products unique and create extra value to our customers.

Our products are available at all leading cities across India.

Kindly contact us for more details and designs at sales@elanprotek.com or visit us at www.zensterwindows.com

Our sales team will be very happy to assist you anytime.