Security & Protection Devices

We provide innovative products for security at home and industrial level. We offer various range of products which include CCTV, Digital Door viewers, Security alarms, Door Break Alarms, Smock and fire detectors, customized security systems etc to meet protection and safety requirements of individuals, domestic, industrial, government offices and public at large.

All the products we supply are CE certified and passed from various tests. Our in house design team makes continuous innovations to keep our products efficient and affordable. Our focus is to provide security and protection affordable to every households.

We follow the principle of Six Sigma to optimize all the departments involved in infrastructure. The Products manufactured undergo rigorous physical and mechanical inspections to meet out the best standards in the industry; We aim at absolute customer satisfaction, optimum product quality assurance and prompt services.

Our customers prove our quality and operation excellence. With best in industry after sales services, now EPSPL became leading name in the field of Security & protection devices.

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